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Pengertian Tentang Batik

Pengertian Tentang Batik
Batik is a technique in writing or drawing on certain media by using wax batik (wax / night) to prevent most other colors, in making batik wax or dinner serves to prevent the absorption of other colors during the coloring process, definition of batik has been agreed at the International Batik Convention in Yogyakarta in 1997, but many people who know batik is a fabric or material with distinctive patterns or motifs, that means a lot of people interpret that batik is as a motif and not as a technique of manufacture.

There are some opinions that imply about the origin of the word batik, for example, the most widely known adalan that the word batik is derived from the proto-Austronesian language and the Java language. Batik originated from the proto-Austronesian "becik" which means to make tattoos and comes from the Javanese language "amba" or write and "point".

Indonesian batik has been designated by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity's oral and non-material on October 2, 2009. This UNESCO recognition include engineering, technology as well as Indonesian Batik motif.
Based on the way of making, batik can be divided into three kinds, namely:

1. Batik
Imaging process using wax batik on fabric canting.silahkan visit process of making batik to find out more about batik

2. Batik stamp
Imaging process using wax batik on cloth cap which was formed in accordance with the desired motif.

3. Combination Batik stamp stationery
Night imaging process on the fabric using a canting and cap.

To meet the needs and huge market for batik batik material so now many in mass production, is currently circulating or batik fabric known as batik print. Print batik making is done by printing batik on cloth which is then followed by staining as screen printing process. Batik print if it refers to the notion of batik in general is clearly not a batik because the manufacturing process does not use methods Steeplechase color or not to apply the wax batik on fabric.

In the further development, this time began to be known a new method that produces batik print night. Batik print night is a combination of screen printing and batik. In this method, the material is printed onto the fabric instead of pasta as the screen printing technique but in the form of wax batik. Furthermore, the fabric is undergoing a process of dyeing (coloring) as well as on the process of making batik and / or batik. If the terms of the definition of batik, batik print the evening can be categorized as batik as batik and batik.